Hyperspace Transportation System


Hyperspace Transportation System

I’ve just added my newest artwork Hyperspace Transportation System (HsTS), to my web site gallery. Wanna take a ride?

Fluorescent colors don’t digitize well. I corrected it as best I could but there should be more contrast between the light and dark pinks.


Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage Is Back!

Wow, It’s been sixteen years since i was sixteen in 1996, when I was inspired by The Mr. T Ate My Balls Homepage, one of the internet’s first memes, to create The Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage. It was most popular in the early days of course, but as long as i have had it up over the years it continued to get hits every once in a while as people scoured the remote regions of silly internet history previously unknown to them.

Unfortunately I was unable to host the site consistently over the years and the URL changed three times, breaking all the web links which had brought traffic to it, so eventually I didn’t bother to keep it up any longer.

But then recently I was trying to find the images from the comic on Google image search and discovered only one of the four panel could be found there.

Well, that wont do!  This is the information age.  When someone types “yoda ate my balls” into Google, they should be immediately able to experience The Yoda Ate My Balls Homepage.  The critically important information must be preserved for the future, so i have polished up the page and put it online once again.

I also combined the comic portion of the page into this single image file so it can be easily saved, propagated and brought along with you into the singularity.

You can find the page in its entirety here: http://www.patrickgosch.com/yoda/

Flam3 Fractal Animations 2006

My animated Flam3 fractal videos from 2006 are now on YouTube to make them accessible to a wider audience.

Pattern One was my first “proof of concept” video designed to test out all the functions of my sequence and work out the kinks.  For this reason i find it’s not as visualy pleasing as Pattern Two, however flam3 fractal enthusiast may quite enjoy what is going on here.

Pattern Two focused more strongly on composition and aesthetics and introduced the use of multiple layers.  I consider this more presentable then the previous video however I think this is just beginning to tap the potential of this art form.  I’m hoping to find time to get back into this now in 2012 and leverage the advances in hardware and software.